Monday, April 30, 2012

Autumn thrifting

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This beautiful mirror picture was a measly $2.
A thermos to add to my collection at $5.00, I had to have it.
I needed a saucepan this size, having it be orange was a bonus. 
Orange is my colour of late, this one is for Beatrix.

I picked this beauty up earlier this month and fell in love as did the kids at 5.99, a steal

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Starts whingy but...

In our house of four children it's hard to spend time with the kids one-on-one.

With every extra child we've added, somewhere in the equation someone is missing out. It's becoming more difficult to do things together that they'll all enjoy. With a two and a half year old we rarely find the chance to even play a board game. Even just the logistics of getting us all out of the house are difficult enough.

I am finding though that my littlest one is sucking all of the time away from anyone else, even my lap she claims as "just hers." I spend so much time with her - we read stories, we ride round the street on her scooter, she's even given up her day sleeps so she is often found in a heap crying at my feet whilst I prepare dinner. If she sleeps during a school pick up she is awake till nine pm hopping out of bed for the tenth time or needing to go to the toilet. I find myself becoming upset at her on those nights, I feel her taking more from me. The last few months she's even been sleeping with us for part of the night, I wake up next to her every morning. I will admit to you that she is still breastfed. (I hear my family cringing from here.) Nobody in my family really believes in breastfeeding beyond six months, or feeding at all. My girl is two and a half and I am struggling to give it up. I have been away from her for several days and I know we could do it. I just don't want to yet. At the same time I don't want to be the woman in The Slap feeding a four or five year old.

Not because I have an issue with that It's just that I think I'd want my boobs back by then.

At home I find myself resorting to some TV just to get some me time, where I am usually found mopping or hanging out laundry. "Me time" in the house is any moment I can have without a child clinging to me. I took up a gym membership recently which has been amazingly good for me, I am doing balance and yoga classes and some gym work. I finally got the two youngest children into care at the gym, which they love. It's funny but I avoided any kind of care for my littlest, why? I cannot even answer, I don't know why. I have even found myself without friends with children her age.

A long time ago I avoided coffee mornings with the mums from school just because it might be hard, then I found that it just stopped altogether. I didn't make enough effort, now we sit in a café usually just the two of us or with Eliza when she isn't at Kinder. I long for adult company for a group of Mums to chat with,I missed the boat it seems. I see them in the parks and at school, but they're all so clique-y. I am a little hesitant to just join in. I want to be one of the mums not really watching their child because they're engrossed in listening to one of the other Mum's talking about the sex she is or isn't having, more likely though they're talking about their renovation in which case I'd be glad not to have to listen.

I was meant to be writing about how I usually try to get away from my youngest at any opportunity, I love her to death but sometimes I feel crowded, squashed literally I spend about five hours each night sleeping in a 30cm space she has left me. I was meant to be writing about how today instead of getting away from her I took her out one on one, and I really enjoyed it. I took out the very one that takes most of my time, the one that I have a push and pull relationship with. I enjoyed it because, We weren't rushed for time, there were no groceries I had to buy or children we had to pick up or drop off. It was just our time.

I was meant to tell you how we walked to the Lebanese bakery for a pitta the op shop where she found some tiny crocs with butterflies on them, and our local café for a croissant and coffee she even scored a free fresh apple juice. We went to the toy store where we picked up some tiny animals for her, she took care of those little animals all day. She wanted mandarins so we bought some, she again scored a freebie her own mandarin. Round the corner from home she didn't forget that I'd promised a stop at the park, even though my feet ached from my new shoes I obliged, I couldn't let her down.

I realised in writing this that there are some things I am missing, that I am envious of, that there is a lot that I have given up. I also realise that this time is short lived and that it's been worth it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mother daughter side by side art

Bea's + Ines' entry

A while back I subscribed to Big Kids Magazine, it's a bi-annual magazine for kids. Its editor is eight years old! Made in Australia and sold in several countries, I believe.

This magazine is choc full of inspiring artwork made by some very talented little people. Many of the artworks are side by sides, an artist responding to a child's artwork. I think this is a wonderful way to really give children's art recognition and a platform with which to really celebrate their creativity.

I am always just blown away by the magazine, It has been well read and looked at this last week. Beatrix, my eleven year old, and I were inspired to create our own side-by-side artwork. When I saw what she came up with I was really impressed and I knew immediately what I wanted to have as my side.

She went off to bed and I sat there feeling excited but afraid of ruining her work. That pattern on the sort-of-kimono is just gorgeous, I thought could I do her justice? I know she enjoyed seeing my response and was intrigued by how I came to use the bird.

I think we will do a few more of these, I really enjoyed it.

If you'd like to subscribe here is the link link again.

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