Saturday, September 22, 2012

My best birthday brunch

I am a little behind, these are some pictures from the brunch I had a couple of weeks ago for my... ahem 41st birthday.
On our menu
  •  Poached eggs by the Poach-master General( Aaron)
  •  Smashed potato roasted with sea salt
  •  Home-grown sauteed spinach with garlic, lemon, olive oil
  •  Lentil salad with baby spinach, home made goats cheese, mint, and lemon. (I think about four of us from the street each had a hand in this one each of us tweaking it just a bit.) It was divine.
  •  Stuffed tomato with parsley, breadcrumbs, garlic, and parmesan
  •  Bacon (of course) and baked beans on toast for the little ones
  • Home-made bread with fresh orange juice.
  • Caramel mud cake with a white chocolate ganache, thanks to  my beautiful neighbour. This was the first time in ages that someone else made my birthday cake!


  1. woah yum! have a happy year x x x samantha

  2. So much goodness! Happy belated birthday!

  3. Wow what a divine sounding breakfast. I hope you had a happy birthday and found some time to spend on yourself. Hope things are also looking more positive on the home front. Take Care.

  4. Looks and sounds like a delicious birthday. Happy Birthday!

  5. what a fabulous feast and a lovely neighbour. happy belated birthday wishes to you. hope all is good and well. xo

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This looks heavenly. Your photos are perfect. I especially love that one of you? in the apron. oh...and that cake looks so yummy! Did your friend share the recipe, by chance?

  7. Oh I'm so sorry that I am late to send birthday wishes to you, it sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating with your family and friends. The sounds of your birthday feast sounds absolutely delicious, my kind of feast. Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday, hoping you are enjoying your holidays with you little ones. x

  8. happy belated birthday! looks like a wonderful celebration and a yummy menu.
    loving all your pics especially the candle blowing.