Saturday, May 12, 2012

I like it white with one

Just before I married I lived in a warehouse (my studio actually) with my partner.  I've written a little here and here about that time in my life. Today's post however is about the wall in our shared kitchen at that studio.

Because this was a shared space there were comings and goings, visitors, students from the art classes run there, the artists in residence like myself, five of us in fact lived in this wonderful place. The wall over the sink and bench space was scrawled with the many ways we each enjoyed our tea. We always knew how to make someone a cuppa because it was right there, even if you'd never met them before then.

My love of tea was born here, at this place. Many an afternoon were spent  sipping tea around the most wonderful table, it seated 20. It was made from timber found in the studio, we all loved this table. I learnt that making someone a tea instantly made your home warm, inviting, and a place where chat would flow freer.  Maybe that makes me a bit of a tea junkie but did anyone ever refuse a tea when they needed to talk?

Since that time I was introduced to irish breakfast tea by my husband's Uni friend, she and I were like sisters. We drank tea, ate toast, and chatted all things china, vintage, thrifting, fashion, and shoes. She's been away for several years now, but whenever I have a Twinings Irish breakfast I think of her and miss her.

I went through the earl grey stage at University, a little like people do when they smoked Alpine cigarettes.  I am so earl greyed out that I cannot even stand the smell  worse still if a stray bag has permeated the regular tea tin.

Today I buy fairtrade black tea, I am not adverse to herbal tea I just don't really like any store bought ones. I'd rather steep some peppermint leaves or squeeze some lemon and honey or grated ginger.
I think I'd like a wall like the one we once had, it would be a little like not needing to ask a persons name again for the eighth time.

I'd begin my wall with how we here like ours.

  • Me white with one, I need the energy.
  • My husband likes it black with one.  (What he needs the energy for, no one knows.)
  • My oldest daughter went from white with one to black with one like her father.
  • My son likes his white and sweet.
  • My second daughter likes hers white slightly sweet and with a straw of course it barely tastes like tea by then.
  • My youngest daughter (based on today at least) likes hers with grapes and a fork. Why I don't know, but boy did she enjoy it.

On the weekend I like to make a little bigger deal of morning tea. Today's was served with a mixed grain loaf (I'd baked first thing this morning after discovering an empty bread bag) and some yummy jams.

How do you like yours?

cooperation i cooperation ii morning tea - the spread hidden tiger "it's really cold now!" autonomy succulent gentlemanly luminal


  1. I like it scalding hot, so the bare minimum of milk and i like to shake the teapot to speed things up, this morning in a cute orla kiely mug i got for mothers day. Gorgeous photos x

  2. love your tea pictures but then i am a tad biased being rather fond of the beverage myself..:)

  3. Beautiful...grapes with tea, that is cool :)

  4. Grapes in tea! That is completely new to me, but on theplus side it is a natural sweetener :) White with no sugar here, and not too hot. Or too watery. Loved your photos.
    Thanks for your kind words on my last post x

  5. I have just found your very lovely blog, and it comes with a cuppa. Perfect. I always put the kettle on when someone pops in. You can't not be friends when you've shared a cuppa at the kitchen table.. white with none for me.

  6. Heh, I thought those grapes were OLIVES! I love the one of Aaron, v witty!
    "I went through the earl grey stage at University, a little like people do when they smoked Alpine cigarettes"
    Ah, you are so effing gorgeous! Please, never stop blogging....samantha xx

  7. I've never tried grapes in mine;) My two love to have a cup of tea over at their Grandma's, she just gives them the sugar and lets them help themselves not too sure how much tea they taste. I like to have mine white, no sugar. I love herbal tea too and white tea is my favourite. Looks like a lovely morning at your kitchen table. x

  8. Oh lovely post, beautiful words and pictures. I take mine strong and milky thank you.