Saturday, December 3, 2011

my advent calendar

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after midnight
This is my advent calender is made from recycled and linen fabric scraps. Usually I make this one, from white small paper bags, but I wanted one we could keep for at least a couple of years.

The backing is from an old Ikea waist apron in a heavy cotton linen mix, which was in the bargain bin for a dollar.  Of course we bought about ten, over time they have been immensely useful.  The pockets were cut out from a muted palette of lilacs, yellow and natural. 13x11 cm including seam allowance of 1 cm, they were pressed and ready for embellishments. I didn't try being precise, I wanted some slightly smaller.

The fun started when it came to numbering them all. I chose to mix it up, some were stamped in black Versa ink, some were appliqued and others had larger numerals drawn on in a fine liner. I even attempted embroidery on one. If I'd had more time I would have bought fabric inks or pens, however I was already on day 3 when this was finally done. I never really intend to need to wash this so permanence of the inks didn't really matter. I do know from experience that the Versa ink sets up when ironed, use a thin muslin over the top though. (This would also look wonderful with some of the children's drawings on the pockets or that they help out writing the numbers. My eldest helped out on some sewing as well.)

I suggest strongly that the pockets are pinned on at the four corners, it's a tricky thing to sew on twenty-fine pockets, but it gets easier when you are halfway.

Right along the top I sewed down a 3cm hem open on the ends to allow for a dowel, I used one of my husbands million salvaged bamboo sticks. Finally some heavy twine or string on the dowel ends to keep it in place.

In previous years I always filled my calender when it was hung this year I am going to fill the next days pocket the night before, just because I have a sweet toothed 2 year old, who'll no doubt not really like the idea of waiting.


  1. Lovely Idea, I think I might borrow the idea for next year.

  2. this is so gorgeous. it looks excellent. i am loving the linen look with splashes of colour. xo.

  3. Did Bea make these?? What a fantastic idea.. I love it, the finished Advent calender looks amazing, I love it!! (sis)

  4. Beatrix did help with a couple of the squares but mostly I did it. Thanks for the compliments, it looks great on my wall, I won't want to take it down after Christmas.

  5. looks awesome! i had grand plans for an advent calendar this year but they are yet to eventuate! you have inspired me!

    Kel x

  6. popping by to say "hello". thanks for your comment. hope all is well with you and your family. xo.