Saturday, October 1, 2011

going away

I don't really ever go on about how it is for me having four children.

I try to keep my posts mostly positive sometimes I share snippets of the difficulty mostly I share the happiness and joy they give me. I have been a parent for ten years I have been a wife for almost seventeen. Today I stepping away from my post to spend some time away with a friend for the first time in all those years.

I cannot express the sadness I have to leave my still breastfed almost two-year-old. I know that she will be fine, I intend to continue to feed her when I return in four days. This may seem wrong or insane to some to go away for a break. My own self is struggling with it all.

I give everything to my house I have neglected my idea of home.

I am going to miss my family and I am going to appreciate them more when I return. I am looking forward to quiet to sleep and the break from all the nagging I have been doing, to not have to look after anyone for these up coming days. I hope I learn something about myself and redistribute myself in different ways when I get back.

I leave here with no lists, no instructions... just trust that will be ok.


  1. You enjoy your much deserved few days off. and I'm sure you will return recharged and with a fresh outlook on things. x

  2. Have a great break! I hope it recharges the batteries.

  3. Your ambivalence is a sign of your devotion. I hope you are able to enjoy your time. A two year old understands enough to cope and accept temporary abscence x

  4. Looking after number 1 is important. You yourself need to be full of love, joy, patience, self confidence and self worth so that you can pass these same things to your children. You cannot fill a bucket from an empty well. Take this time for yourself so that you can recharge your batteries and put yourself first. You will be looking at the world with fresh eyes after your break. All the better to appreaciate what you have.

  5. I actually had a wonderful time and found that as soon as I was on the drive out to the beach house I had already let it all go and was ready to relax. I had forgotten my camera battery and a bit to the breast pump, still I tried to not let it dampen my spirits.